linux编译驱动之 make modules SUBDIRS

补充:make modules SUBDIRS=指定编译那个目录下的Makefile

今天在编译linux kernel的时候发现make menuconfig中配置成<M>模式的驱动模块没有加入编译之,下面命令编译内核的:

make uImage

通过查看kernel的makefile发些了一些蛛丝马迹,现在将工作笔记记录如下:在linux kernel下运行终端,输入如下命令查看kernel编译相关的一些信息

make help 

Cleaning targets:
  clean           - Remove most generated files but keep the config and
                    enough build support to build external modules
  mrproper        - Remove all generated files + config + various backup files
  distclean       - mrproper + remove editor backup and patch files

Configuration targets:
  config          - Update current config utilising a line-oriented program
  nconfig         - Update current config utilising a ncurses menu based program
  menuconfig      - Update current config utilising a menu based program
  xconfig         - Update current config utilising a QT based front-end
  gconfig         - Update current config utilising a GTK based front-end
  oldconfig       - Update current config utilising a provided .config as base
  localmodconfig  - Update current config disabling modules not loaded
  localyesconfig  - Update current config converting local mods to core
  silentoldconfig - Same as oldconfig, but quietly, additionally update deps
  defconfig       - New config with default from ARCH supplied defconfig
  savedefconfig   - Save current config as ./defconfig (minimal config)
  allnoconfig     - New config where all options are answered with no
  allyesconfig    - New config where all options are accepted with yes
  allmodconfig    - New config selecting modules when possible
  alldefconfig    - New config with all symbols set to default
  randconfig      - New config with random answer to all options
  listnewconfig   - List new options
  oldnoconfig     - Same as silentoldconfig but set new symbols to n (unset)

Other generic targets:
  all             - Build all targets marked with [*]
* vmlinux         - Build the bare kernel
* modules         - Build all modules
  modules_install - Install all modules to INSTALL_MOD_PATH (default: /)
  firmware_install- Install all firmware to INSTALL_FW_PATH
                    (default: $(INSTALL_MOD_PATH)/lib/firmware)
  dir/            - Build all files in dir and below
  dir/file.[oisS] - Build specified target only
  dir/file.lst    - Build specified mixed source/assembly target only
                    (requires a recent binutils and recent build (
  dir/file.ko     - Build module including final link
  modules_prepare - Set up for building external modules
  tags/TAGS       - Generate tags file for editors
  cscope          - Generate cscope index
  gtags           - Generate GNU GLOBAL index
  kernelrelease   - Output the release version string
  kernelversion   - Output the version stored in Makefile
  headers_install - Install sanitised kernel headers to INSTALL_HDR_PATH
                    (default: /home/book/workspace/kernel/linux-3.4.2_jz2440/usr)

Static analysers
  checkstack      - Generate a list of stack hogs
  namespacecheck  - Name space analysis on compiled kernel
  versioncheck    - Sanity check on version.h usage
  includecheck    - Check for duplicate included header files
  export_report   - List the usages of all exported symbols
  headers_check   - Sanity check on exported headers
  headerdep       - Detect inclusion cycles in headers
  coccicheck      - Check with Coccinelle.

Kernel packaging:
  rpm-pkg             - Build both source and binary RPM kernel packages
  binrpm-pkg          - Build only the binary kernel package
  deb-pkg             - Build the kernel as a deb package
  tar-pkg             - Build the kernel as an uncompressed tarball
  targz-pkg           - Build the kernel as a gzip compressed tarball
  tarbz2-pkg          - Build the kernel as a bzip2 compressed tarball
  tarxz-pkg           - Build the kernel as a xz compressed tarball
  perf-tar-src-pkg    - Build perf-3.4.2.tar source tarball
  perf-targz-src-pkg  - Build perf-3.4.2.tar.gz source tarball
  perf-tarbz2-src-pkg - Build perf-3.4.2.tar.bz2 source tarball
  perf-tarxz-src-pkg  - Build perf-3.4.2.tar.xz source tarball

Documentation targets:
 Linux kernel internal documentation in different formats:
  htmldocs        - HTML
  pdfdocs         - PDF
  psdocs          - Postscript
  xmldocs         - XML DocBook
  mandocs         - man pages
  installmandocs  - install man pages generated by mandocs
  cleandocs       - clean all generated DocBook files

Architecture specific targets (arm):
* zImage        - Compressed kernel image (arch/arm/boot/zImage)
  Image         - Uncompressed kernel image (arch/arm/boot/Image)
* xipImage      - XIP kernel image, if configured (arch/arm/boot/xipImage)
  uImage        - U-Boot wrapped zImage
  bootpImage    - Combined zImage and initial RAM disk
                  (supply initrd image via make variable INITRD=<path>)
  dtbs          - Build device tree blobs for enabled boards
  install       - Install uncompressed kernel
  zinstall      - Install compressed kernel
  uinstall      - Install U-Boot wrapped compressed kernel
                  Install using (your) ~/bin/installkernel or
                  (distribution) /sbin/installkernel or
                  install to $(INSTALL_PATH) and run lilo

发现并没有把make menuconfig中配置成<M>模式的驱动模块没有加入编译,分析才发现还得执行如下命令就OK了。

make modules

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